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About Website Development

Web development refers in general to the tasks engaged in the creation of websites for intranet and internet hosting. The process includes web design, planning, contents design, coding, testing, check and launch.

What We Do

  • Gathering Information
  • Identify Requirements
  • Planning (Sitemap & Wireframing)


Content Management System (CMS) is used for Web development to efficiently manage content generation and modification. The most popular CMS for building websites is “Word Press.” It is an open-source CMS that can construct any form of a website, from a blog post to a highly integrated website.


1. Client Brief

Well before we start developing the Website, we discuss the aims and the target audience with you in depth in order to have a strong understanding of the services you deliver.

2. Designing

Design influences your brand’s viewing strategically. We include convincing designs, logos and illustrations that speaks about your brand. We aim to increase customer conversion with better design, reaching more customers and brand identity.

3. Planning (Sitemap and Wireframing)

With the project framework we can dive into the sitemap and define the interrelation of the features and functionality to be included in our project planning.

4. Content creation

Since we have a greater understanding of the site, we can commence creating content for various webpages while retaining search engine optimization in mind (SEO). To increase conversions, our experts write captivating headlines, develop new text, suggest additional text, perform text editing, and more.

5. Visual elements

We can begin working on the visual brand after we have the website design and content in place.

6. Testing

Combine manual site browsing across multiple devices with automated site crawlers to recognize everything from customer experience issues to simple backlinks. We evaluate and test each page to ensure that it is of top quality and error-free, including the proofreading. Further, we make certain that the coding adheres to the most recent standards.

7. Client Approval

In each stage of development, we communicate with our clients on a regular basis. This ensures that everything is going according to the client’s direction and objectives. We will submit the site for client approval once the development phase is completed.

8. Launch

When everything is in order, it’s time to plan and perform the site launch. This should include both the scheduling of the launch and communication strategies.

9. Maintenance

When all of the processes are accomplished, the maintenance phase ensures that your website performs optimally and that you are pleased. We offer website maintenance which involves checking for errors or issues on a regular basis in order to keep the site strong.

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