So what are the 3 Simple Ways To Grow Your Business? Read on.

1. Scale to increase impact.

A bigger impact may mean improving people’s lives, and financial wealth, generating new jobs and opportunities or reaching a wider market. However you define impact, accomplishing those goals leads to satisfaction and ultimately freedom. Defining your company priorities and individual priorities by the team and following up quarter after quarter, is a proven way to keep everyone aligned, reach your goals, and start scaling with discipline.

2. Reduce drama in your business and life.

Where to start? Focus on yourself first, then your team, then your company, in that order. You cannot help other people if you are not well or in a position to do so. And as soon as you find your work/life balance, you can focus on assembling the right team, equipping them to do their best, and letting them get to it. Finally, once you and your people are on the right path, you will be in a stronger position to focus on your company and define the strategy as a team.

3. Design a predictable sales system.

If you want to keep afloat and of course, scale, you need to ensure predictability in sales by developing a system that brings the necessary cash to cover all fixed expenses. And as the company scales, so will your costs, making it essential to scale the sales system faster to continue to finance growth.

If you are going to scale, you will have to develop a predictable sales system. Sales need to become like a machine–run on their own, without your direct involvement, efficient enough to predict its output consistently, and reliable enough that you can keep it going with just a little monitoring and maintenance.

Nobody said it’s an easy path. There are no shortcuts in executing with discipline to gain freedom. To scale and enjoy the ride, you need to create routines that deliver results and set you free. Your first step is to figure out your why. Why are you in this business? What do you want your impact to be? The answers will show you what you need to do and how to get there.

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