More than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic introduced itself in China, including Malaysia and the entire world. Malaysian Indian SMEs (MISME) remains one of the worst-hit sectors owing to the nationwide lockdown and the subsequent dip in consumer demand. These periods of restrictions also underlined the shortcomings of less-than-adequate tech adoption across the MISME sector.

On the other hand, new-age tech adoption could have reduced many of the challenges during the pandemic and lessened its overall impact. Large-scale digital adoption and better use of technology are bound to empower this sector in terms of improved efficiency, access to a bigger customer pool, and reduced operational costs. But that has not been the case. The second wave of the pandemic saw fresh restrictions and statewide lockdowns, which gave another big impact on our Malaysian Indian business owners.

Resolving Tech Adoption Issues To Benefit MISMEs

Today, startups such as Grab, Lazada, and Shopee offer platforming solutions for businesses to run their online stores and connect to a bigger customer base. Together, the enabler ecosystem has been building full-stack solutions for the digital integration of MISMEs. 

Unfortunately, this is not enough for long-term businesses. Although these efforts by the startup ecosystem have got the digital transformation ball rolling, it has not been enough for Malaysian Indian businesses due to their small operational size, lack of funds, lack of knowledge in tech, and also zero guidance. This is where Nifnix Resources, a business solutions provider kick-started by Malaysian Indians, enter the picture to assist MSMEs towards tech proficiency.

How NifnixIs Helping MISMEs With Tech Adoption

Working with both consumers and businesses, Nifnix has developed a deep understanding of MISMEs and their specific technology requirements. Over the years, we have taken multiple initiatives to help Malaysian Indian businesses overcome the hurdles of tech adoption and understand what works the best for their particular needs. These include: 

  • Small Business Digital Presence: Digital Branding (Corporate Website with SEO & Lead Generation Tools, Self-branded E-Commerce Online Platform)
  • Small Business Digital & Tech Services: Web Systems, Online Support, Social Media Digital Management
  • Small Business Innovation: Latest tech products to boost productivity via workshops & e-learning
  • Small Business Productivity: Optimised cloud based software to increase efficiency and productivity

Despite the pandemic hurdles, Nifnix aims to bring the Malaysian Indian business sector back on the growth track and help develop its products, services, and innovation culture to its full potential. To achieve the same.

Are you a Malaysian Indian business owner who wants to be in the current game of digital business with tech knowledge? Contact us and we shall have coffee or chai together! Pssst…we’re buying the drinks.