Everything you need to get work done, now in one place.

  • Google has rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace.
  • Workspace will provide users with the same apps but with a more acute focus on collaboration.
  • Google has also expanded the product’s pricing tiers for small and large firms.
Credit: Google

It’s been four years since Google renamed Apps for Work to G Suite. Today, the company is rebranding G Suite to Google Workspace in a move that largely echoes the growing work from anywhere culture that surged in popularity (or by necessity) in 2020.

Google’s been on a branding drive of late, reviving Google TV for use on its new Chromecast and killing its legacy tunes service Play Music in favour of YouTube Music.

While none of Google’s popular work-orientated apps and tools are joining the graveyard today, Google seemingly hopes to blur the boundaries between them by introducing more seamless collaboration features and a better spread of offerings for individuals and businesses. The company believes Workspace is more than a G Suite renaming, but a new unified base for its online productivity tools.

Credit: Google

Key to Google’s new strategy is building on Gmail’s new rainbow of chat, voice and video calling, and content management features. It calls this the better home for work, and it’s now generally available to all paying Workspace customers.

Also incoming is better Chat room collaboration. Google says users and guests will be able to create documents within Chat rooms in the coming weeks. This feature should breed better collaboration between those in an organization and outsiders without sacrificing security or the hassle of setting up meetings.

View Google Workspace pricing plans here