Ever wondered not having a single communication in one day? Imagine what it would be like. Communication doesn’t mean connecting yourself with another person or a group but talking to yourself is considered communication. Communication as we know in today’s world has a wide spread of options. It has been a tool for every living micro-organism on this planet to ensure its existence.

Let’s keep aside the scientific matter regarding communication and let me share with you something which I personally develop myself with. Being a creative designer, I often meet many people from all sorts of background. Clients. Who are these clients? Well, they are the people who are acquiring my services. Regardless of which industry they come from, communication plays a huge role before I get the project assigned to me. This tool, ‘communication’ may seem unlikely powerful but it creates opportunities. If you’re an opportunist, you would love to read my scenario below. This what happened a few years ago;

I received a call from Singapore. A Managing Director of an MNC company. I was referred to him by his partner who was my client. He asked me whether I’m up for the given project, and I said yes! As a creative designer and dealing with a phone conversation, I need to get some information about his company. I then asked him about ideas that he might have, colours for the design, nature of the business and so on. This made him very comfortable rather than me saying yes and leaving the rest to be done via email. He too asked me what am I currently doing in Australia. We spoke for a good solid 15 minutes.

Once I’ve started the project and finally completed the samples, I emailed them to him. Keeping his partners all in the loop too. At one go, he said he loved it. I was happy too! I did four designs and he picked one. A few hours ago he called me and asked me whether I could do some amendments. I was glad to do it. Once done, I was about to make those changes he called me again. He was laughing on the phone and he goes; “Shiv. You know being a coordinator for this project it’s a real pain in my a**…ahahaha.” I was laughing too and I asked him why? What is wrong? He said one of his partners wanted another change so he called in again just less than 5 minutes after his previous call to inform me. I was fine with it.

If you noticed, he felt very comfortable with me and he was open to me. Although still maintaining that professionalism, he as the MD of an MNC company was laughing out loud and saying stuff that made me crack up! This is because of communication. I’m sure you are aware of this blog post title;  “COMMUNICATION COMMUTES”. Why? Why commute? Because communication can bring you from point A to point B and it can bring you to many points if the tool is used properly. 

Communication commutes us from one spot to another which could be used and implemented in our daily lives. Not only a good tool in business but also whatever you do. Having a good meal at your favourite hang out spot could lead you to another awesome joint which you never knew its existence. Meeting a bunch of new people through a friend or perhaps randomly could bring you to a life where you be thinking of a new relationship. The spread goes on. Socialising is different than communication that commutes. There is a reason for you to communicate.  Never give up. Keep on connecting and see changes as you move. Like how I’ve typed this out and we are connecting, and don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram. Have a good day friends!