Case Study

nifnix client Case Study

Our case studies are based on clients and customers that have had success with using our services.

Case study 1 – Web Development


AVEON is a Malaysia-based international freight forwarding company that is building its global network with dependable logistics partners. AVEON teamed up with Nifnix Resources to identify the key stages of its customers’ service interactions and determine what factors contributed to improved results for both the client and their business.


We used a well-defined colour theme and design throughout their new website, which they can leverage to promote the company across all of their advertising material.

This website construction project was anything from conventional, with a sustainable brand, consultancy lead generating, email signups, and, of course, the free material that would initially attract the largest traffic.


We build a Content Management System for AVEON to use naturally, add content to, and get the most out of — we believe that websites should be used, not left undisturbed for years after debut.

It also had to be easy to browse for users, as the site’s wide range of topics, purposes, and audiences might create a complicated structure. We tailor things to the website by adding elements to the layout that were specifically required.


Within a period of four months of its launch, the site was receiving 5000 visits per month. Analytics numbers are excellent, with an average of 3.88 pages per session emphasizing the importance of relevant content and functionality throughout the site.

Case study 2 – search engine optimization (SEO)

RKG Klozer Trust Limited

RKG Klozer Trust Limited is licensed and regulated in the waters of Labuan, that’s one of the finest locations in Asia to start a business. When we started working together, the client’s corporation had already been instituted, but their online presence was extremely limited.


We’ve experienced such a challenge before: an otherwise well-run firm has ignored its online marketing presence, and the company realizes they are losing out on prospective customers. Thus we came on board to demonstrate that Search Engine Optimization could be a valuable source of marketing that can be utilized to engage new clients for their corporation.


The website did not have Google Analytics set up when we took on this customer. This made it virtually impossible for our client to identify how many visitors visited their website and what percentage of these visits converts to clients. Therefore, our primary focus was to establish Google Analytics and goal tracking in which we were able to tailor our next steps after gaining a deeper understanding of the client’s business. This is what we did:

  • We developed an online form that users could use to request a consultation.
  • We increased the graphics and image resolutions throughout the website.
  • We conducted keyword research to identify the words and phrases that are highly utilized by our potential customers
  • We transformed the key pages to better meet the needs of our client’s prospective customers.

Apart from that, we performed a thorough technical audit of the website and corrected errors that were stopping people from reaching our clients.


The traffic that appeared on our client site increased from 2,894 visitors in the month they worked with Nifnix Resources to a new high of 7,429 visitors.
•We boosted the number of website visitors by 160 %
•We boosted the number of visitors to the website from Google searches by 295 %
•We witnessed a 31% spike in the number of people requesting a consultation with our client.
The data in this case study are based on the client’s six months of engaging with Nifnix Resources.