Consumer behaviour and interactions have changed nowadays. Adapting to the evolving technologies in this digital era. From the traditional yellow pages to online directories and the awesome World Wide Web. If you want to expand your business by obtaining the right audience, your business needs to be easily found online – no, not on social media but by having a website. In this article, we talk about the 5 simple reasons why you need a business website in 2020.

Reason #1: Customers Are Finding You (Online)

In today’s digital era, we are all tech-savvy, by default. This means, your tech-savvy customers expect you to have a website. It is for them to find out more information about your business. Whether after or before meeting you. Your website can assist in generating you more business leads and this is done by increasing your brand recall value, online promotions towards your customers and target audience, as well as becoming a marketing tool. Well, to make it easier for you to understand this, think of it as a 24 hours store opened to serve your customers 365 days without you being available all the time. Information is data, data is key, the key to better understanding!

Reason #2: A Social Proof

Customers are constantly searching for services or product to gain online. Having a website will showcase your social stand in the business world. Whether you’re a high-end or a 5-star business this doesn’t matter. Legitimacy is what proofs your existence online. Have your previous customers testimonials up on your site for potential audience visiting your website and gain the trust.

Reason #3. Control the Narrative

Having your business website you are fully in control with what you want to display to the world. Say in your own words, get the right SEO keywords, customise how you want your audience to view your style. Narrate the entire website with your creativity. This is far better than print ads and TVC ads. Remember, we’re in the digital world, and this is available on mobile too. People are on the go with information. According to SEOTribunal, there are 5.6 billion searches on Google per day, and 63,000 searches per second on any given day. Now, imagine the potential of being noticed online every day.

Reason #4: Company’s Credibility Bonus

Show your audience that you take your business seriously, invest in a professional website. In an age when more than 50% of smartphone users discover a new company or product while searching on their smartphones, not having a website can damage your credibility. People are likely to engage with a company they can trust, and having a business website is a great stepping stone towards building that engagement.

Reason #5: Dropping of Social Media Reach

Is social media enough to attract new customers, think again? Well, the answer is no. This is because every other business has it. Facebook claims that people in 2018 spent 50 million fewer hours on Facebook than they did the year before. Due to this, many businesses are now switching to having their own dedicated websites instead of relying on social media networks only. It may bag the potential to increase business, but relying just on them can be an ugly mistake that can cost your business to fall behind in this digital era.

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