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Helping You Find & Flair Your Own Creativity

Personal Creative Design Coach

1 to 1 session for better focus, learn while sipping your favourite brew at your desired coffee place…

Creative Biz Approach

Learn tips & tricks on how to be more visually geared up in today’s digital world…
Helping You Flair Your Digital Creative Awesomeness!

Unlock Your Full Digital Creative Potential. Say Hello to F2F Digital Diggit Program.

All you need is a fully functional laptop (Windows/MacOS), and tiny bits of knowledge about the world wide web will be sufficient for you to get started on your path to the awesomeness of digital creative flair. Oops, and don’t forget your mouse too!

Can't I learn this from the internet?

Yes, you can but there’s no way you can touch, feel and experience the wonders of creation. This is an On-Demand Learning program.

Is this program effective?

It is and I’m the active testimony you be meeting. How do you think I got you here?

What is the fee for this program? How do you charge me?

This is an On-Demand Learning Program. The price is subjective. First I would love to meet you & know what’s your knowledge on certain creative aspects are related to this program. Then I will offer you a fee with your budget comfortability. I can even design a personalized package for you. A Win-Win situation for you & I.

Goal Setting

Modules will be provided for better thorough understanding & used as reference

Relationship Coaching

Creating a business associate feel-like program session

Stress Free

Q&A anytime & anywhere once you’ve signed up for the program (Remember I’m not your Professor)

Creative Biz Advice

Providing & sharing tips for creative biz solutions which could boost your approach in the market (F.O.C)

What Is F2F Digital Diggit Program?
Who Is This For?

Being a business owner or an Entrepreneur you would be tied up with too many agendas. Budget is always the main factor that is keeping you away from learning new creative ways to upsize your mission & vision. Courses are offered with high price tags, classes are conducted solely for becoming a professional within that field (most people do that and scoot elsewhere for income these days), such classes are not meant for you if you’re just looking for that quick knowledge from a professional. With this program you are advised to be yourself, be at an open space, and of course with your coffee too 😉

Where will the lessons be conducted?
For now, within Klang Valley. The venue is at awesome cafe’s & coffee places (indoor or outdoor is your choice).
How about the program duration....and the coffee?

Firstly don’t worry about the bill for the coffee. It is included in the program fee. Max is 4 hours p/day. The duration depends on your capability & final understanding (I will throw in free extra minutes F.O.C if you’re dead serious with this program).

Can you come nearby my place? Or directly to my home?
Yes! I can come nearby your place (with a small amount to cover travel cost & also make sure there are good coffee places around yeah). Sorry, I don’t recommend home coaching since it is similar to being in a closed classroom. As business enthusiasts, this is an exposure for you to do business & gain knowledge at the same time out in the real world.
What is the day & time you will conduct the program?
It depends on your availability but my suggestion is to make it during the daytime. If you’re fully tied with work, then weekends are the best. Morning coffee will be a good kick-start!
Can I say this is a 1 to 1 session? Can I bring my friend/sibling/spouse?
Yes, this is entirely a “1 to 1” session. This is the best way for you to gain that direct & perfect message I provide across the table. Most definitely, you can have someone tag along with you.

About Me

A creative ‘swordsman’. Always seeking for new ideas to create + innovative & also to inspire. Been in the industry for a decade now. Once a lost warrior in the woods with no arsenal to construct. Today, a Professional Creative Design Technologist. Basically a Business Branding Innovator. Attained industrial experience in Singapore & Western Australia too.

Even though we’re experiencing the digital era, all these somewhat will bore us. Best is the traditional meet-up. So, let’s meet over coffee. Yes, I’m buying 😉


F2F Digital Diggit Program

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

Learn the BASICS for image touch-up, creative effects, logo & marketing collateral designing, also for those who want to create their own digital readable material, InDesign will score well.

WordPress for Website Design

Learn the BASICS for creating a beautiful, smooth & modern website for your business with your own creativity with the awesome visual builder tools! Learn the foundation of how the website works. The pride of creating your own website is the best feeling!

WordPress for Blogging

Learn the BASICS of starting up a blog. Sounds easy but how do you want to make it more visually interesting? You’ve come to the right dude!

The best guidance is to be obtained from hands-on individuals. Not only on the internet.



This program is not associated with any institutions nor carries any CERTIFICATE of any sort to be shown after completion. This is an On-Demand Learning Program conducted by a Professional. 

This program suits those who need to take things into their own hands when it comes to their business. Although knowledge could be grabbed from the internet results will vary and there’s never an answer Face 2 Face for your questions. Nothing beats the personal touch!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Discovering Your Digital Creative Path Today!